Commercial email does not specify the maximum penalty 30 thousand

Reporter yesterday learned through the relevant channels, 2, the Ministry of information industry officially released its website in the "measures" the administration of Internet e-mail services, the "measures" provisions include commercial advertising content in the Internet to send e-mail, if not marked "advertisement" or "AD" the message header information before being a fine of 30 thousand yuan will be the sender.

thirty-eighth orders by the Ministry of industry) will come into force on March 30, 2006. The "measures" at the same time, the Internet e-mail address obtained by on-line automatic collection, any combination of letters or numbers of others for the sale, sharing, exchange, or to get through the way of the Internet e-mail address to send electronic mail ", and" unauthorized use of the Internet to send e-mail to others computer system "the organization or individual behavior, also applies to the standard of punishment. (the "Shenzhen daily" feeds)

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