Liu Erchuang how fast a monthly income of 1W yuan higher

higher social circles, not everyone is equal, there are differences in the nature, there is a day to earn the money of each electricity people, earning hundreds of thousands, I am not what master, nor what legend, but I want to tell you today, I will give you a monthly income of 1W yuan how fast Wangzhuan


is not your good Wangzhuan inside, know much could make a lot of money, can only be said to make a good toil money, know much may not understand the essence of things, is not much, but in essence, I contact network for 6.7 years, the real contact is higher this year, before doing in box, then the I technology in general, the main industry field is not what serious, I will not say specific industry, when a netizen asked me to him I was poor, even the tolls are not, or is he to give me a 1000 dollars in the past, the past second days after the operation began, the operation of 2 hours one day, the same day to earn 700 yuan or so, after every day there are at least 800 of the income, more time in more than 6 thousand, it was just a forum in a day to send 2 posts, 1 hours each, then I is responsible for holding the station for hanging Ma Work less than 2 months, is to stop the operation before the Spring Festival, just over a month, earn about more than and 10 W, there is a legend in the industry, at the beginning he was just an agent, a day to earn a few hundred dollars, because of his reputation well, not to stick at trifles, more than a month later he every day with more than and 20 W income, really shocked people, now have to buy a BMW.


quit the field, when idle, recently found a "Dragon Valley" of the game, the game has a plug-in plug-in, there is naturally a chain, and then view the Baidu index, the Dragon Valley external search index in 10000 or so, of course it was little competition if we a plug-in such station, I think it is not difficult to stand for many of my friends have a plug-in? Then you can buy black chain, black chain 1500 yuan to buy big enough, completely relaxed optimization to the first page, if to optimize the home page, I want to add long tail keywords every day at least a few thousand flow, actually looks to invest 1000 yuan, in fact, one day we can get back the cost, that is the case, thousands of weight, then stand on the day tied hanging, the amount will probably have 75% Dragon The valley later asked friends under the price at around $2.4 a day, earn thousands of easily, of course since withdrawing from the field now do not want to touch, now do other every day there are hundreds of pieces, happy to have it, I don’t suggest you do what I refer to, also do not suggest that you do informal, illegal, edge.

through the above things, how to quickly enter the 1W Wangzhuan yuan? I think there are so few points:

1: the partners and friends, or the team, it is difficult to fight in isolation.

2: find the field of violence, absolutely believe that friends and team, to operate.

3: credit is >

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