Alternative marketing behind the scenes 8 million 880 thousand of the ads every week for what

climbed on the Internet today inadvertently entered the 1520 home network, read the home page.. Almost did not put me to death… On the first page of the advertisement was sold to 8 million 880 thousand per week, depressed ah! Do not know which heroes dare to buy the most expensive advertising initiative… Just began to see when you can not think of meaning, and later thought, this is a marketing tool! Why?

is very simple, when you first see, because of the effects of every curiosity to see if anyone will buy? If they sell? So, after a certain period of time, the advertisement position changed, everyone will go to check, who is the boss so heavily? This advertising, from the previous started to rise not worth a hair! The effect should be good!


so, from a point of view: the Webmaster Station has obtained more and more prospective customers, increase income, improve the credibility, and hit the brand! Is killing two birds with one stone, not to kill two birds with one stone! This move is not surprising


then his effect how? Let’s put this into advertising, all of the small and medium-sized website (alimama a), then the effect as can be imagined! Cost also can not spend much money! Alimama 1 yuan is more than


I spent a day or so to see the next 1520 home network owners did not buy advertising.. People could not guess, he and I on the station to move? Administrator message, hope to share the station’s marketing model, although not too realistic, I still try it!

as far as I’m concerned, go to this step, if you do not buy the other station advertising to hang this advertisement, then he may be the next step will not ignore the baidu Post Bar, affixed to the top when take the picture, you can according to the picture on the station to Baidu search, this effect should be general, if if the tool is affixed to the top….

of course, not every webmaster to do so, in general to do a sentence: "at the appropriate time to increase their value."

well, if I can share the webmaster of the next weird, I will continue to send in stationmaster net! Let us wait ~~~~

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