Who wants to retire Google alliance advertising cake

according to the relevant media said Google’s withdrawal from China is likely to reach 99.9%, Google has developed a detailed plan to close its Chinese search engine. The Google’s exit, the online advertising market on the China will produce what kind of impact? The author with the problem, do some thinking and analysis as follows, hoping to help the healthy development of the online advertising market Chinese.

Google’s exit, no doubt that Baidu is a great thing, but the health and rapid development of China’s entire online advertising market is not necessarily a good thing.

network advertisement market now, by four feudal lords vying for the throne. Due to the regulation of the Internet to strengthen the media exposure costs will increase, the release of advertising is also increasingly stringent audit. However, the audience of Internet advertising is huge, and there is a real effect, in 2010 the online advertising market to further expand its market share in the advertising industry. Most advertisers also increase the proportion of the budget in the online advertising market. But put the channel and media configuration has emerged differentiation, to domestic large advertisers VANCL, put the mode of network advertising allocation starts at CPS, now with the brand exposure portal advertising, advertising alliance together, won the product efficiency and perfect effect. As Lenovo network advertisement delivery from portal transformation in the PC bubble vertical media classification, combined with the transformation of the advertising alliance click configuration. All explained the vertical network media based alliance advertising market huge value, both of them choose to click on the advertising alliance for the allocation of online advertising placement program. It also shows that in addition to Google, Baidu search engine led to the model has been turned to the product efficiency, exposure to the beginning of the combination of the release mode.

pursuit of quality and efficiency combined with the delivery model, no doubt will have a high quality vertical classification of media advertising pushed to the historical height. The alliance advertising, with more strategic settings, flexibility to adapt to the needs of advertisers advertising alliance is more respected.

Google, Baidu union advertising on the web content, keywords, delivery mode as the core, which can meet the needs of advertisers quite, but in comparison, the delivery price is higher, the media to the site of the long tail type small, portal because of its higher prices, the effect cannot hold, relative to the pursuit of quality and efficiency the advertisers, the mismatches occur to a certain extent.

according to this understanding, the domestic online advertising market, a dark horse in the surf, where customers, Dangdang, excellence, DHC, DELL and other large advertisers are their advertisers, and successfully held the red Eslite, vip.com and many other advertisers. It is the pursuit of the effectiveness of the network advertising started billions of dollars of the company’s dual effect advertising platform. The effect of CPS Yiqifa advertisement alliance and against Chi click advertising alliance. Against Chi media to vertical classification network media, such as people.com.cn, Jiayuan, qianlong.com, popcorn, in the advertising model, against Chi created according to the audience delivery, delivery mode according to the theme, structure.

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