Advertising on the site to make money to the new Adsense

on the way to make money advertising website – to new Adsense
said web site to make money, everyone will naturally think of advertising, advertising is right, before the main way for most people to make money.

is the first choice of advertising, web content to choose different advertising to put, why? Because the website content of different user groups, he is not the same, these users are interested in advertising is not the same. For example, take Taobao advertising, advertising is a relatively common element: the auction 6 QQ  and the like. But if you do a professional station, in the high-end user groups. Then put the auction QQ Taobao advertising is not necessarily appropriate, because your user groups using the MSN frequency is likely far beyond the frequency of use of QQ, QQ is not what attraction for them as. Music station bell, television movie forum registration ah, these are all common sense. Summary: is to be placed and you stand the contents of the same or similar advertising. And to analyze your website The composition of the group, their preferences. ( web site such as the site more information)

second is the advertising advertising layout. The layout is very important, an advertisement for the same, different place, click rate may differ several times. Usually the main advertising website of this station is a common, top banner, also is the right side of your website logo that position. Usually 468*60, two is at the top of the page 60 column, the position is on the top of the website navigation under the horizontal classification, only the home page, width is generally 760, high 60,80,90100120, three middle banner, average height is 60 or 90, depending on the site or station are, there is only the front page, the four is at the bottom of this banner, and almost three, five is the navigation sidebar navigation is the content below "on both sides of the position, the six is the content page below the title text on advertising position, this is generally 468 *60 map Piece, or put text ads. Seven is the middle of the 300*300 advertising, this picture, eight is the main body under the ad.

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