Liu Erchuang the use of YY on a monthly income of 3000 yuan

first one, this is definitely my first thought, was originally released in June at the beginning of, but no one to do, then some of my friends email said to do, but still do not see this thing, how can we make money, between the case with the original 3000 month, earn is less, have a great relationship with the execution of this thing. First, this project ideas, not by YY is the main drainage, YY levels linked to the crown, and then take out sales, a number of YY crown price at least 15 dollars in more than 24 hours, then hang up 1 months can be linked to the crown, was really about sales a lot, I’ll introduce to, let’s take a look at my June Original:

make money online in many projects, the key is you not to dig, some even if you know what you are not going to do that? Why? Because a lot of people are not willing to adhere to, some things you must go to succeed, you can make money online.

today I introduce a simple project using YY voice: a monthly income of 3000 yuan, YY believe that many people know it, YY number of people online selling a lot, OK, we calculate a bill, 1 grade 64 (crown) of the YY price of 10 yuan, 1 5 a channel ID can sell tens to hundreds.

OK, so we can use YY hanging open, because the YY upgrade is in accordance with the time to count, we can hang up 24 hours, a more open device can open 15 accounts, but we an ordinary computer with virtual machine can be installed at least 6.7 words, then we are false to run sandboxed machine, so we actually reached 1 virtual machine *7*3 *15 YY=315 sandbox YY, YY before I was playing 24 hours, almost a month’s time to hang 1 crown level, 5 ID official application standard if I’m not mistaken it should be 50 accounts in a channel for 2 hours to pull OK, so we can hang out one month to 315 YY, and 6 short bit ID, if you have time, you can put up 315 short bits of ID, then a month down is you income Little? Don’t ask me to hang out with YY has no one, I can tell you the exact, as long as you complete information, don’t sell you sold me, I decided to, OK, if you do not understand where you can contact me, my e-mail address: [email protected] (changed). If it is convenient for everyone to do the video on the


was relatively sloppy to write, but I think you can understand what is the meaning, may say that a computer linked to more than and 300 YY sounds horrible, but can not be linked to the main computer with you, as I now if the computer configuration is in general, I hung over more than and 100 YY don’t feel out card problem.

ratio of consideration on earnings

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