Small shrimp share make a million a month of net money project

Small shrimp before

wrote an article " Google free account to send advertising costs 350 yuan " this, want to let more people understand the information on the release of this information in the well-known website forum, but unfortunately these articles are administrator removed, so small shrimp do not understand, these money the project, why not let someone else to know. Anyway, even small shrimp and bloggers to share these profitable projects, I hope you have a better project and discuss a small shrimp. Here are some of the feelings of the project to make money:

that I would like to say about the free registration of Google ADWORDS money making process, recently launched a Google keyword advertising promotions, free of charge 500 yuan to you. Through this information, making money is very simple, as long as you go a little to do a few dollars a month to earn a lot of money is very easy.

The first step: add

preferential table

note: name to use a different name, the phone is also different, e-mail is also different, the site is also different, you can go to Taobao search shop. Then fill in.

second step: wait for customer service to call you

general customer service 1-5 days to call you, say you are not to do ADWORD promotion, your answer is yes! She will ask you, you did ADWORDS promotion? Then you have to answer, not done, recently want to promote my Taobao shop, I heard ADWORDS and good results. Want to try. Then he will be open to you after the audit account. Don’t wait for her to call you, you can call the customer service (


third step: to sell ADWORDS account

when your ADWORDS account down, there are 450 yuan advertising costs (because the deduction of $50 account opening fee), then you can go to the sale of ADWORDS, now the market price of $450 advertising, many people have received. Very good to sell, very popular, so do not worry about selling.

The fourth step:


we apply for an account every day, we simply count, a earn 350. Earn 10500 a month, 30. It’s so simple

you may ask, is not so much the small shrimp mobile phone number, how to do? This is very simple, you can ask your friends to help you apply for. Then apply for a successful 50 yuan to him, you can also find a college student to apply for more people to apply, I think a lot of people are willing to do this thing, because it is simply a phone call to apply for money. Well, not much to say, I tell you the address, you apply for it. Wish you good luck in the year before to earn more money.


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