The application of the whole process of Google Adsense striking one snag after another

know that Google Adsense is the matter for a long time, but I put a pot of gold in the network is Ali mother.

I am a student in the first half of 07 years before the real contact network. Their technology is not very good, but can still live together. Because they are crazy on the computer, so their after-school self-study of the Photoshop and Dreamweaver; in September 07 get very "idiotic" personal website, then ran to the students and family members show off. At that time in order to bring traffic, also made a new page; add some news links, then do not bother to update; later, my dad one day I suddenly called to say, my website is not good, how to open ah. I asked him how to "open", he replied that the news can not read…. Khan (until now I despise my laziness)

well, the above is the way, to share their stories and webmaster friends, to the point.

online said Google Adsense is very profitable, so I would like to apply for a google. The general process is:

first fold: 08 years in March, I use my personal website to apply for Google adsense

this is part of the letter they sent me back:


the reason why we have not approved your application is as follows.


– the content of your site is not rich enough at present, the AdSense plan requires the website to provide rich content.


failed to summarize the reasons: the reason is very obvious, mainly because he is very impatient, not to do a complete page. Then is the personal website is not cover and contain everything not blindly perfection.

second fold:

one of my classmates asked me to do a website for his relatives, which is a personal performance group.

this station I have done quite a long time, about 3 months, because I do not have the experience of this kind of Web site rarely.

I used this website in June to apply for adsense. But it was rejected…

reason is the domain name ownership problem! Think this domain name is my friend bought for me, so everyone is filling his name.


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