Google Adsense alliance after the choice of K number

Google Adsense is the number of clicks to pay the Commission according to the website of the ads displayed, when one end of the month the Commission reached US $100 to pay a commission to the advertisement publishers. The choice of site placed CPC advertising, but since the last one or two months, because the Google has put forward higher requirements for the placement of Google Adsense ads, Google K began large-scale, there are many lucky friends, although the Adsense account is not k out, but lost the domain name K.

many webmaster friends are very upset, he obviously did not conceive of cheating behavior, why GG account, the website will be K off, in fact, the owners don’t tangle, GG now to put ads website content audit more stringent, the content a little edge, or pure collection, content cannot read the statement completely unreasonable, single page website, in the list of suspected violations, if your account is out of the question, do you think your type above website from time to time.

Of course, for those who are Google Adsense alliance K domain name is the most depressed, however, there are Google Adsense account, there is traffic, but can not put advertising, can not make money, it is regrettable.

in this case, left now talk about a few remedies:

(1) choose other advertising, such as Baidu and other domestic Internet advertising, but most of the domestic network alliance website record and quality requirements are artificial audit, some friends of the station may not through the audit.

(2) for the 301 jump, with the new domain name. Adsense K out of the domain name, the general quality representative for your family station is not recognized, indicating that the quality of your own station could not drop yesterday, this station is not necessary to sustain a very large, so just change again after the change of domain name, domain name, under the treatment of illegal content, and then re ads the flow of the short term will not have a very big loss, but also earn back some.

I have a friend, a single page station, an independent domain name, two level domain name, the domain name of his single page have been Adsense to K. I gave him advice is: to re engage in a domain name, build a CMS, built a larger station with this CMS, and then use the single page of these keywords to establish a number of web directory, enrich the content, these sites were 301 single page Jump to the corresponding directory, in the flow loss how much of the case, put up a website to become bigger and stronger, Google Adsense won’t k you.

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