Uber expansion inventory from the creation of the global layout for only 4 years

November 28, 2013, foreign car rental application Uber in Shenzhen, China began to test, which is the second in August this year after entering Shanghai, Uber in the second layout. As a start-up company was founded in 2009, Uber has now left footprints in 22 countries around the world, and in the expansion of the road frequently. Uber products on the road to the process of global expansion of the following:

was founded in the early days, with San Francisco as the basis for domestic radiation

2009-2011 was founded in the early years, Uber is not positioning itself as a high-end car rental application, but with UberCab as the company name for the integration of idle resources taxi, car rental services to consumers. Until May 2011, Uber was not related to the United States Department of transportation taxi company license in the name of a $20000 fine, only the company name officially changed from UberCab to Uber, and focus on high-end car market. Although "eat the lawsuit", but Uber at headquarters in San Francisco based small scale expansion is not affected, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Denver and other twenty city in the United States have Uber’s car in the active.

in July 2013, by the United States National Ice Cream month Dongfeng, Uber launched the "express ice cream" service; the same year, Uber also introduced from New York to Hampton, the helicopter + car rental service, of course, the need for consumers to pay $3000 in fees to enjoy. In addition, Uber is also the day of the national cat Festival online express cat service, a series of additional services have shown that Uber is not satisfied with only manned services, and the development of multi service platform.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick by observing the growing demand for the market, predict Uber will expand abroad in the short term.

with the funds and the accumulation of user needs, Travis Kalanick Uber has quickly become a reality, the layout of Canada Toronto and Mexico City car rental market, to open up the market to prepare the whole america.


Everything is ready to enter the European


July 2012, Uber settled in London, while providing service only 90 drivers, BMW, cheetah two models for Uber users, creating the Uber minimum scale of service record, but the march of London, Uber seize the European car market started the first gun.

November 2013, Uber announced the first foray into the Eastern European market, the first stop is Moscow, russia. Moscow has more than 11 million of the population, so despite the fact that the car service GetTaxi has been operating for a period of time before Uber, but the huge rent

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