dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road series

first of all, thanks to the king’s support for me, the king is much bigger than me, although I do things with him may not be the same, but a lot of thinking can be exchanged. Most of the time, the domestic and foreign situation is completely different, of course, is also in line with the characteristics of China, do foreign Wangzhuan, you only need to do your own can be, but the country is with the traditional industries, need a personal pulse circle. Including links from the exchange of links, you have a network with no network is completely different.

sometimes, the master’s high, in fact, most people are rich in human resources, easier access to new information. At the same time, A5 also told me about some hadronic things Wangzhuan training, I tell him directly to say, foreign and domestic is not the same, the threshold is required, not all people have the idea, can do, most of the time, English, foreign relations are a threshold, most of the time is insurmountable.

A5 for the visitors, most of them are graduate students, is in need of more free advice and guidance, I is not a pure benefit based businessman, can be free to recommend some things to people in need, so here to release a series can be said to be training. It can be said to be an explanation, starting from some simple ways of thinking, basic elements, explain some Wangzhuan course, whole explanation will be a bit long, roughly divided into ten installments to explain all, want to give you some help.

explain the whole part of the theory as well as the practice of the part, sometimes some chapters are theory, may be very boring, but some practice courses will be more difficult to estimate.

100 yuan here I explain, remove your computer, the Internet and the expenses, meals, accommodation and other daily expenses, you need 100 yuan as investment should start the entrepreneurial career, of course, here is the lowest standard, at the same time you have to meet some conditions, the minimum can be enough start-up capital to start a business. Here are some of the conditions:

first you need to be a technical businessman. What is a technology-based businessman, is that you must have some basic knowledge of the network, but also more important to have the attributes of the merchant. Here I would like to say my personal point of view, the technology can learn, the businessman depends on the talent. Entrepreneurship, in my personal experience for so many years, the key is your business mind and vision play a decisive role. If you say BILL GATES is a technical background, but he does not lack the merchant’s attributes, the more important is that he succeeded because he was born in America so that the intellectual property rights of the state, if he was born in China, very successful, Chinese in technology, is the ability to replicate the first, if you rely on technological entrepreneurship is, maybe, but if you focus on business to do so, the way you walk much. I have also eaten a lot of technical loss, and then the secret information, as long as the person is told, it is equal to the whole world knows, for the back, why the public is to write a tutorial because of its piracy and piracy fight

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