When will you be able to start a personal online venture

When can you start a business?

divided, perhaps can be divided into several entrepreneurs:

l                feel stronger than the boss and entrepreneurial;

l                customer resource;

l              financing capacity;  

l                have the dream of getting rich;

l                want to solve a practical problem;

l                without him, only entrepreneurial zeal.

l                in the content of the carrier to make a big breakthrough, blog, video has become the mainstream of communication;

l                made a major breakthrough in the content of hezonglianheng, community search and community people’s vision expansion polymerization;

l                in the content of the theme of the combination made a major breakthrough, according to a certain theme of people, books, music, movies, etc..

in these breakthroughs at the same time, we note that the main features of the three to promote the progress of entrepreneurs is:

l              financing capacity;  

l                want to solve a practical problem.

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