Taobao push to make money experience

over the past few months, I’ve been trying to push off the word, in June, one day, I played on the Baidu push the customer search a bit, if there is a push customer site.

I suggest a new friend to do one thing is to go to the Baidu search push passenger, to understand what is pushing. Then look at the Taobao station, you see, super simple.

immediately let you have a mall, to promote their own mall can make money!

my specific promotion process is introduced to you:

this is actually Taobao guest site, which helps Taobao sellers to sell things to get a commission of a network of professional, you help the seller to sell more things, you get the corresponding Commission will be higher. Details of the things we look at the official website, I will not waste time here. To add a little, we can see in this home page, the first week of Taobao passenger revenue more than 20 thousand, a year’s income of about $1 million. A lot of friends feel incredible, but it is real, any industry has a top master, of course, can be sure that such a high income is certainly not personal operation.

I have always liked the Internet, but also like to study something. 08 years after I registered guest contact, a Alipay, a registered mom started to do. At the beginning of a problem is the first encounter: how to sell things? To whom? I think everyone’s methods are not the same, I always love to play "campus network", so I decided to sell the user, proved my idea is feasible. Campus network has 40 million registered users, as long as the firm grasp of this community, the Taobao shopping guide to do a good job, we must make money.

here I want to remind you that the campus network has a very amazing feature called "sharing". Its role is probably the case, for example, you wrote a diary, once you published, all the friends you can see friends to see that after this diary, he will share with his friends. Once he shares, his friends will see this diary. General is a 1 biography of the 10, the 10 pass 100100 pass 1000 model". I don’t know if I’m clear about this.

but any Wangzhuan on the net profits of not more than two months, and soon someone will copy method, information spread, cause the attention of the administrator, put this diary are deleted, while shielding your connection, which is Taobao advertising does not go.

but what I want to tell you is that the method is dead, but the person is alive. This is why I have been in the group stressed that "the real money on the Internet is creative!" a place is not allowed to link, and many people feel that the project is dead >

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