T practitioners must have 5 social skills

with the combination of social networking and business is increasingly close, people’s work is also constantly changing, especially for the support and use of social technology, social networking tools and the interactive process of IT practitioners. As the world’s elite, they work closely with the business community to guide the use and management of social tools. Therefore, IT practitioners must have certain social skills.

According to

‘s report, "re imagining the future of business IT", the cultural impact of consumer IT, including social networking, is an important factor in the business IT and the future IT industry. "Intelligent mobile phone, Facebook and the Chinese renren.com and other social networking platforms and other consumer technology products has changed people’s work, study, entertainment, consumption, sharing, conversation and organized way." The report said, these products are giving birth to a major change in culture, attitudes and working standards.

also noted that the IT industry has been ripe for reform and regeneration conditions. So, IT practitioners should start from where Brain Yard site for social business experts to visit, summed up the IT practitioners more effectively support the development of the organization should pay attention to skills. Which part is they already have but still need to improve and perfect, the other part is they need to fully learn the.

1 data analysis skills

social activities and the development of the place, there will always be chaotic data. In the social platform, we have unprecedented access to a large number of customer interaction data." Smith, assistant professor of marketing, operations, information technology and computer science at the University of Maryland School of business at the, director of business complexity research center William. In order to get a return in social business, IT practitioners need to have a huge data analysis system and the ability to evaluate and implement large-scale data analysis.

"to assist the Department and other departments to find social data behind the revelation, IT practitioners should understand the relevance, structured and unstructured data user speech background and different stakeholders: different reasons of speech." The Carnegie Mellon professor CIO, director of the Research Institute Ari Lightman pointed out, "they have to understand the correlation and causality together the required data."

2 open standard

social business success depends on a certain standard, therefore, the IT department must understand the key work standards in different situations. IBM social business director Ed Brill said: open standards – such as Open Social 2 – commercial applications, social platforms and devices to achieve seamless interaction of information to enhance the sharing and exchange of content." "There is a great diversity of content, processes, and devices in today’s fragmented workplace," he adds

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