What types of entrepreneurs are likely to be rejected by VC

what types of entrepreneurs are likely to be rejected by VC?


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, the column is two years old. I actually wrote 24 things. Writing is really a happy thing, just need to consume a lot of brain cells brewing. People say that VCs are busy making money, can write down a little, I calculate an alternative. But I need to take a break.

farewell before, by answering the question of an entrepreneur, I talk about the choice of investment considerations. In general, there are three major directions: the people, the market and the products. In my decision-making process, people are ranked first. Because the market will change, the product can be improved, and many of the characteristics of people with a lifetime.

to summarize what kind of entrepreneur I will choose, the answer may be too narrow. Hard-working, firm and indomitable, honest, good at communication, optimistic and confident…… After describing a pile of adjectives, you will find that it is a statue, perfect without any defect. In reality, successful entrepreneurs no fixed model and standard, may be in a technology industry, with 1 to 3 strengths can be successful entrepreneurs, shy, shy does not matter, as long as the company of high technology and low price products to customers are attractive enough.

venture capital is often used to eliminate the law, encountered certain types of entrepreneurs on the flash. In particular, VCs often see a few companies a day, often the first impression on your destiny. Here are some common types of elimination. This list is not comprehensive, is not unique, for reference only.

no passion. VCs to entrepreneurs often say: "if you can’t convince yourself that this is a good opportunity, how can I convince investment?" if the entrepreneur not excited, investors are not excited. Listen to your description of the plain, there is no expression of confidence, investors have been discounted in mind, secretly wondering if you will soon give up the business.

blind optimism. Another is often seen with passion and confident enough to speak up, off the reel, as boundless as the sea and sky. It seems that just a year after the establishment of the company has the world’s most competitive products, the United States and Britain, and soon will be able to integrate the whole world into the territory. Others believe that there will be a relationship with the hand, customers, orders will continue. There is obviously selling baby pacifiers, but as if all the people are his customers. When asked how to achieve that goal, they did not think.


of two minds. I never support of two minds of entrepreneurs. I have refused to invest in several projects. The competitiveness of products, market prospects are good, entrepreneurial quality is also very high, but entrepreneurs can’t decide to quit paying a large company or part-time professorships, only willing to venture. When entrepreneurship does not

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