The five commandment Yahoo China failure

Since the original

in Yahoo China colleagues told me in August 30th is the last day of his work, in August 31st Yahoo China official line, even if foreseen things happen or not repressed his lament. Scheduled to visit China in September 1st, YAHOO, you see is a statement, and then the site will turn to Alibaba charity page. From 2000, is Yahoo China users in 2010, Yahoo China and short working experience, until the purple dream broken thoroughly in China. In contrast, the change Yahoo China, lamented over unavoidable and some enlightenment and lessons, at least can be regarded as a lesson and warning of project failure.

(this is only from the perspective of business and product review and summary, there is no connection with the game between the company level of capital account.


1, YAHOO portal intersection

YAHOO first is the position information and navigation tools directory, or is a platform to Yahoo China to accord with the local market "news supermarket", but the role of media portal has limited at home, lost the domestic rise of NetEase, Sina and Sohu; until the directory search engine portal era suffered shock Zhou Hongyi, with 3721 to Yahoo China weeks old, cleverly avoid the role of content and media competition, trying to force the mail and search, and other test project to create revenue. A year’s time, Zhou Hongyi and the team of the most outstanding achievement is to make YAHOO mailbox among the domestic second, but the old week optimistic about the search and other strange items and the headquarters of YAHOO’s strategy is not in harmony, the old week to understand what you want to do, you have another gateway to. But the headquarters of YAHOO’s reluctant to give up the news portal is not sure to do the whole thing, or to the full development of search and other services, so there will be a total delivery of the subsequent Alibaba.

: a sermon must understand what they want to do

Yahoo China in portal crossroads has not made a clear choice, on the one hand, more and more overseas companies in the domestic media is limited; on the other hand, YAHOO did not die China news portal will knock do so until the complete transformation of Alibaba: Yahoo China, YAHOO Chinese in the mainland is neither top nor led the search portal. Indecisive neither enhance existing business, can open up new territory, entrepreneurial companies procrastination is to wait for the IPO or Dutch act, financing team is even more aggravated the cumulative load.

2, Alibaba YAHOO

Alibaba took over China after Xie lightning entry and exit dramatic, his community strategy has not been recognized and accepted, if the school network consultant Wang Xing Xie Wen do, but YAHOO made China Facebook, Ma will not be in later years will require SNS or Taobao Sina micro-blog shares the. But if not, after the text of YAHOO left in the hands of Alibaba shake to swing, both YAHOO NCP (a kind of more)

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