Entrepreneurial Myth what the user you meet


what users really need? If there is a lamp that allows entrepreneurs to achieve the aspirations of the lamp, perhaps most people would choose to get users to understand the psychological needs.

in the promotion of mobile trend and social media, to create a new business myth, and not as difficult and impossible, if entrepreneurs can grasp the user’s interest and trends and to develop, it is possible to detonate the market and succeed.

The story of

is taking place more and more, and has profoundly changed the rules of our life and the market for a long time.

developed by Rovio Angry Birds published the unknown since three years, has become the world’s most popular and most successful mobile phone games, downloaded more than 1 billion times, in 2011 revenues of more than $one hundred million.

This is a

to adapt to all ages without difficulty of the game, the user only need to play a game of two minutes, can effectively help users to pass the fragments of time, but perhaps the most important factor lies in its design style and picture, before a lot of people is in contact with the product because of animation image and acceptance and love the game, and then Angry Birds Park, including dolls, peripheral products sales also proved popular on the protagonist of the game.

let’s look at an example, Draw Something is the Zynga with $200 million acquisition after the rapid decline of the game, in the first 6 weeks has attracted more than 35 million users, every day there are 15 million game player of the game.

"I guess you draw" process of social interaction between the game itself is a user, whether between users know or not, through this game we can set up a natural connection, doodle guessing game mechanism not only to enhance the enthusiasm of users, but also the maximum extent to meet the user’s social interest and the nature of competition.

then shortly before a "sing" is how to attract users of



most people have been accustomed to the pictures and text to share and communicate, but ignore the most natural and the most valuable sound of this means of communication, on the application of singing is not uncommon, but like "sing" by singing songs such as the core of the social sharing of products is almost unique, breaking the traditional way of. Another way to create a new interest point of integration, the user first exposure to this new and interesting social patterns will not be tempted to


in this popular mobile social networking, the Internet era, the user’s psychology seems elusive, but not actually complex.

users feel good, see >

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