On my trip to the independent blog Wangzhuan

said to the establishment of their own independent blog has been for two months, although it’s rarely visit, here is simply not worth mentioning, but for me, the extraordinary significance. I believe we will feel after reading.

I contact the network very late, roughly in 07 years, usually even typing are unfamiliar, as the network related knowledge is little known. The idea is to set up an independent blog because I read a book about Wangzhuan the books in a bookstore. The author’s net name is: endto, the book called "grassroots youth into 10" seems to be the name. The book introduces the operating method of higher. In particular, the establishment of the site, maintenance, promotion are done in detail. This book has great influence on me, it makes me know the world that, such a way of living wangzhuan. My interest in network arise spontaneously.

I suddenly feel that my character is more suitable for living on the network. My Wangzhuan beginning.

first heard of Wangzhuan is taobao.com can sell things. The first thing I Wangzhuan is in Taobao shop, there is no harvest results. At that time I was in a jewelry shop to buy some small adorn article, because of the promotion of little understanding of the method, shop for more than a month, no harvest. I lost my passion. But my job makes me tired, in order to survive just I was very eager to do things carelessly, such a self-sufficient occupation, leaving the people hate the place. So I still have great hope for wangzhuan.

The failure of

Wangzhuan investment since joining a network – blind jewelry website. I invested 1100 yuan, whole boondoggle. At that time, the site claims to be able to enjoy a lower purchase price. Joining fee is 1000 yuan, the deposit of 500, when I only saved $100, they give you an independent domain name website. Domain name is registered in accordance with my own information, but when the site of the waste of the dead. This experience is a great blow to me. But the hope is still strong wangzhuan.

there were a lot of ads that claimed to be able to make money online. I looked after unexpectedly for gospel truth at that time, specially bought a mobile phone card. Results can be imagined.

then I started a two month trip to GG. Usually more than the Internet, click on Google ads also have some understanding, my trip to Google began. I didn’t have a website, and it took me a lot of time to apply for GG. But I finally use network blog application success tianfeng. This makes me a little comfort. Although only two months to earn less than $3. For a long time in the days I found online networking fees are earned will not come here, the impetuous atmosphere gradually let me feel tired, I decided to leave the environment.

for more than 4 months of network life makes me a little tired. You know, I use my spare time to do, every day in the Internet bar for two or three hours, >

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