nternet entrepreneurs how to choose the product attribute

today’s network development, in a period of rapid development. And the derivation of the new network, have a qualitative change. In other words, the network of art, will give people a pleasant surprise. Simple example: People’s traditional call mode, the impact of the WeChat was not a small injury". Voice chat visualization software in foreign countries has long been derived. The birth of the domestic WeChat, to make up for this vacancy, the rapid access to user support. So, today’s network environment, for Entrepreneurs: both challenges and opportunities.

in the face of such a situation, placed in front of entrepreneurs are two ways: first, take the traditional model; the two is to take the road of innovation. Simply put, is to do the same kind of product, or heterogeneous products. Therefore, on the basis of these two aspects:

aspects, similar products. Advantage is that with the appropriate resources, can save a lot of time to develop new products faster. When faced with difficulties, mature products have been established branding. Go this way the Internet is bound to save a lot of development time, but the difficulty of product promotion. Therefore, here may wish to give a small proposal, all the advantages of traditional products, an effective collection, highlighting the concentration of features.

two: heterogeneous products. Is the full use of innovative methods, to achieve the subversion of the traditional industry leader situation, resulting in a certain degree of tension. This is the case can be lifted. For example: the Qihoo 360, free security guards used many years ago, and has become a pioneer in safety. Then to the search market, the first proposed a user oriented form, breaking the business for the first model, the search market share in the gradual improvement.

as an innovator, need more time to do product development. In other words, the use of different marketing models, give full play to the highlights of the product, to a certain high. These two models are based on the new product. So, to make a bright spot products.

summary: no matter what kind of choice of the two, must have the corresponding concept. In simple terms, there is a goal. In this way, will not lose their own direction. Conversely, the direction of confusion, but also look forward to how far?

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