Between T product vendors two classic war of annihilation

IT industry seems to have never stopped the war, from a number of years between the two portals did not stop the war of words to the fight against the anti-virus software business donkey elephant. Recently, the scope of the war has spread wider and wider, it seems that our IT industry is really in the commercial, and really have a pure commercial flavor. The number of years, the most classic two war of annihilation occurred between the market of IT product sales.

In fact,

network real name at the beginning of time to market, CNNIC did not put this a lot of people say that "small plug-in stuff" as it is, in this interval, the 3721 sent a large number of offensive advance team, the Chinese, cut into chunks in the four corners of the world began to attack hard market theater. In the CNNIC disregard, quietly disintegrate union team CNNIC, many of them believe that 3721 was the last victory of the world, mainly to gain support and promotion of the three special teams with heavy policy and affinity in Shanghai / Fujian / Guangdong three main battlefield. The three special teams are: Shanghai District of Shanghai’s special forces rushed. Fujian District of Xiamen’s special forces scholar. Guangdong District of Guangzhou’s special forces reciprocity. At the same time, CNNIC is still the old attitude, a boss like to contact local agents, in the agency policy and not to mind taking the trouble to hit the market with sweat brother army bargaining: "we like this, you do not do? Don’t let me do it….!" While 3721 of the agents in the back of the secret, while wantonly gathering intelligence opponents, while suffering from the suffering of the high pressure of the brothers of the company extended an olive branch great grace. As a result, CNNIC senior cadres were dressed in bright shoes, humming a ditty proud just stepped out of a Shiqu company, 3721 agents immediately shouted "the world net brother is a slogan of the amnesty! The real duel hasn’t started yet, and 3721 has buried explosives in CNNIC’s backyard.

to the real battle began, CNNIC slowly found out problems. Because the two companies are similar, with the army and mostly with a CNNIC advantage, a step ahead of the turn into the 3721 parameters, the promotion of CNNIC for web market has also become the market before the battle of the real name network. In fact, the two companies in the promotion of market did not have the whole scheme is effective, the final battle is each of its brother forces created odd boxing tactics. CNNIC always arrogant and

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