Do not want to be a generation of creation is not a good customer

said the business, we all feel that this is a matter I also believe that a commonplace talk of an old scholar, everyone for how to start off. But it is sometimes quite bitchy, even a lot of truth has repeat, let people sniff at, can not help but fall into the trap, and then began to regret his day should face up to regret a previous mistake, not the wrong. So, in order to stimulate everyone’s memory, but also to tell you a small business, eyes on the first look, is to support small, do not want to see you off, Xiaobian not importune oh.

1, entrepreneurship to identify the direction. Someone once said that if you can find a job you like, it is happy every day from 9 in the morning to the evening of 6, find a love of people, that every night from 6 to 9 in the morning are happy. Entrepreneurship is a protracted war, need not abandon, do not give up even if Xiaoqiang spirit, do not start their favorite, that every day you must be painful, purely to find their own sins. So please find what you like to do, let your love accompany you to spend youth, playing the world.

2, shaoanwuzao. When your mind is a good idea you feel very excited, please put this idea aside, do other things. After a month, when you think of this idea, if you are still very excited, then ask you to hesitate to put idea into reality. Only after the cooling period, time tested the idea is really good ideas, or just to be prompted by a sudden impulse to carry on the dynamic.

3, believe in yourself. When you decide to start a business, think about what you might encounter…… Don’t think too much about the future, to know that the real start to do one thing, will encounter all kinds of difficulties, there is the idea of giving up, there is no time to adhere to. If the bottleneck to knock on the door, you must adhere to. A famous person said (please forgive my brain is not good, forget who is): people are dead in the forefront of success. You know, when you come to the end, your head will come, you will find a way, There is a way out. And that is the reason, the protracted war is to hold the "promise" of the spirit. If your idea is really very good, I hope you can always adhere to, do not give up easily.

4, work together. The company was founded, will meet those who don’t know you, sometimes the world will be cruel to you only one person, even questioned your voice can be heard without end, please believe that the people around you this time. These are the same people have a common goal with you, have the same action, as the boss, you strengthen my mind to know, only believe in yourself, you can convince others, bring to your loyal warrior, fighting battlefield. Success would someday find you

5, before resorting to force. Just business people will encounter a lot of problems, because the power of their own, so to find partners, to find a friend. When you find a friend, career development, the problem will follow, equity, decision-making, promotion, innovation

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