Test Google Adsense experience

I did a web page on the site, of course, is a match for the Japanese ads, and then on their own blog link. Soon Google included the Japanese page, every day there are a certain amount of visits and clicks, the price is still very high, about $1. About 1 months, the account has been normal, this phase of the test is still successful.

one day, my movie site disk array is damaged, all the film data are lost, so I thought of the release of the movie station to the Japanese page, test results and Google reaction. Because the movie station access volume is very high, the release of the flow over every day at about 8000IP, the Japanese page click rate is about 3%, while the average price per click at around $1, so every day carrying $200 income, however, thought: not far away from the dead! Without it, Google received warning after receiving account disable notification, wrote a letter to Google, explained that his own practice, but no response so far, the test failed.

summary: 1, foreign stations do Google Adsense can really get a high click price

              2, from domestic IP click, if the volume is not large, relatively safe (of course, if you are cheating is another matter)

              3, do the Japanese station may be a good choice to do foreign language station

              4, non natural flow to do Google Adsense is dangerous (for example: the flow of the purchase, I later traffic although not purchased, but the Google can not be confirmed)

              5, Google Adsense $1000 / month, relatively safe, because they guide you to go astray, here is not to publish my Japanese page.

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