An analysis of six major misunderstandings of entrepreneurs

author Brent Beshore is an angel investor, he owned venture capital company AdVentures. AdVentures is a partner enterprise of Gen Y Capital. My daily life is turning around the entrepreneurial business. The first cup of coffee every morning I usually read in the news of the industry trends, and the rest of the time are often in consultation with the entrepreneurial enterprises, or meet with entrepreneurs in the past. See so many ups and downs, I summed up the six common misunderstandings of entrepreneurs.

I need venture capital

access to financing is often touted by the media, but financing is just a means of entrepreneurship, rather than the purpose. In many example, harvest financing only allow their failure to come more spectacular some. On the contrary, many entrepreneurs rely on their own efforts, and finally achieved great success. Financing is the most significant, it can support those who grow rapidly but users can not create revenue of the enterprise, this situation is extremely rare. Think about what your company really needs.

is not afraid of deep alley

Steve Blank said that sentence: no venture because the technology fails and failed. Of course, the product is very important, but sales are often the biggest problem you will face. The user is very busy, no mind to delve into your products; in addition to family and friends, no one cares about how outstanding your solution. So, from the first day, you have to focus on sales. Think of yourself as a sales company, and in the end you will find yourself closer to success.

talent is only commodity

that’s a big mistake. As far as I am concerned, the "A" level staff is 5 times more valuable than the "B" class. Talent is your greatest asset, and lack of talent can be your biggest concern. Focus on the recruitment and training of top talent, let them do their job let each person do his best. Treat people, you can create a strong corporate culture; people despise, consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

articles of association can be late

to be honest, money can change one’s temperament. Business may be a mess, but the company rules and regulations must be in order. If you do not build a clean start, you in the next few years to escape the misunderstanding, suspicion and damage. If you don’t have a clear prospectus, start now. If you want to do something for your business, please start with the company’s articles of association.

I created several companies

this is probably the most dangerous mistake. Founder of a start-up enterprise is already full of uncertainty, the creation of two is simply suicide. You are not Jack Dorsey, nor Sean Parker. They are all wonderful, and now they are focused on running a company. In fact, I also

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