Starting a year from 1000 yuan to the real case of one million

recently a lot of friends advice: they say the mind is very contradictory, now work for the hungry, also not the rich, look around a lot of students buy a car rental business, but also their dwelling, was not always taste; always want to venture out alone, afraid of failure nothing! So the heart tangled, Chen, in the end how to do


actually, entrepreneurs like learning to swim, on the shore to see the water, always feel dangerous, extremely difficult, but if you never try the water, never learned to swim, but when the moment you jump into the water? How the buoyancy in the water? How to feel? What can be understood.

Here I would

to share a true story: last year I was asked to go to Shenzhen for a community about the speech, because everyone was enthusiastic, exchanges continued late into the night, so few friends invited me to go to the street to eat barbecue. Inadvertently recognize a home of the primary school students, where there is a barbecue business, old friends to meet particularly affectionate.

I learned in conversation, he had to do civil servants in the home town, always feel boring work, lack of challenge, and with more than two thousand yuan, and a few friends to Shenzhen to work hard. I asked him: "how long have you been doing this?" he replied: "while busy nearly two months!", I ask how business? He looks around, so I leaned over and whispered: "monthly net profit of more than 50 thousand!" ah! I was very surprised, one square meters the barbecue stalls, plus a few simple table, actually have such a high profit, because he was very busy around the business, buy on customers too much, I do not disturb each other, leave a phone, I hurried away.

after a few days, the day I call him (because the day they basically do not start): "how do you do this?" he said with a smile, you want to two thousand yuan in Shenzhen do? Shenzhen rent is very high, in order to save us, five villagers Crowded House, in five a square of the beginning, I went to a lot of work, finally because others don’t think me, I have no mouth, no three no two skills, work experience, a week down, light job took me nearly one thousand yuan.

hungry at night there is no way, go to the street to eat barbecue, the super hot Shenzhen barbecue business, the boss usually busy, side barbecue, while money, one night down, at least sell thousands of strings, at that time I was very excited, seems to have found a gold mine, so I went back to the night excited, thinking and planning, pocket only one thousand yuan, how can we do this business? The final decision to steal, then, holds is large, the risk is small.

so every night I went to a fellow stall there to eat barbecue, the way to help him do odd jobs, to clear the table, we cooked slowly in the course of contacts, I also find out the line of the road: including raw material purchase channels, how to configure the baking time of different spices? Dishes, to the choice of working day period etc..

I went on to ask, "how can you do that?"

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