Discussion website construction business can establish a national chain brand

Question: now the site construction company, is entering the industry threshold is very low, some graduates can do, do not need to invest a lot, I think the website construction company belongs to the service class, is not able to make a national chain brand, and we hope to discuss. (editing: network marketing manual www.tomx.com)


1, first, there is no good brand, to the chain, must be brand effect. Where does the brand come from?

network as Internet cafes, everybody in the street, a city with a 4 – 5 and a dozen city and join the brand of Internet cafes, quickly attracted the brand. You can’t put the network office placed in the street? If the use of advertising to promote, the cost is large, the effect is small, which is now in addition to the Alibaba does not have a network advertising.

Second, as you said, now the technology is similar, small company service or better service. Do you have an advantage?

and so on these reasons.

2, but I think it is feasible:

1 first to you this brand in the industry have a certain reputation

2 quality, cannot cooperate after no next time.

3 difference, your brand and other competing brands are different to what your comparative advantage in what place, services and applications can provide customers with other companies is different

4, stimulation of the partnership with the great economic benefits, business is profit

3, I think the website construction service of the company can form a brand, but the most important thing is to be beautiful, full function, safety.

but the trend is probably every company will have its own website construction team. After all, understand their company’s situation is good to plan the design of the site.        

4, I think the company could not China network.

5, I think the current direction of development is to establish the service brand construction site service, no brand awareness of service and the corresponding plan of the company in 2-3 will be eliminated. My views are as follows:

The main environment

(3) of highly qualified technical personnel and the lack of relevant management personnel has become a major factor restricting the development of enterprises in general;

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