Why do oppose all the chips West master event disputes not only from the two unreasonable

West master after the incident was exposed, quickly aroused great concern. This not only reflects the problems behind the entrepreneurs themselves, but also reveals the real concerns raised behind the public equity model. Venture capital circle CEO Li Xiaoning from the nature of the problem, about its opposition to raise public equity reasons.



titanium media started from Wudaokou in Beijing the West master hamburger shop. West master storm, co-founder of the brand originated in the West Master Xin Song recently published in the know of a Q & a "West master deadbeat, raise money how to get back?", accused the West master Meng Bing – founder of "shareholders" and "asked not to run away". It is understood titanium media, with Song Xin as the representative of the "rights" one of the major demands that the initial participation "part of shareholders to raise the public" to give up equity partnership, but behind the West master "brand of the company management has not been fulfilled; and soon, the West master Meng Bing, another CEO founder Luo Gaojing respond to the matter said" no run away ", and put forward his things are not legitimate……

Between the original

West master team, from the difficult start to today’s court dispute did not stop, for entrepreneurs, can get what kind of and learn from? As a senior VC, venture capital founder Li Xiaoning expressed their views against the public to raise equity. Li Xiaoning authorized titanium media published below:

West master event will not be the case.

stake in the congregation to raise the commercial law is not feasible.

venture capital circle to do VC.CN three years, the last year to raise public website suddenly up. Then people often say "you and I do all the chips do good early ah, but also by the different conference invitation to speak all the chips, but I usually use the first few minutes of the meeting we explain not all chips, then I was opposed in equity financing to raise public. Talking much, it is better to write down. This article was dragged for two months, last night to see the West master thing, I really can not drag.

first define what we call the scope of public offering, because the concept of flooding. There are many kinds of public chips, one is the foreign Kickstarter and domestic time as the representative of the pre-sale category congregation raised. This is not to raise public investment behavior, because the supporters have not expected investment, they are given to fresh creative support and satisfaction can be part of a trial of early products, does not involve investment returns, so will not be restricted by the following basic rules mentioned in the capital market. Another major category is to raise all kinds of investment classes, in this category is expected to return on investment in the major categories, the bond based P2P, the Internet is the most financial lending market, where we do not talk about this. When I talk about equity investment as the core, many investors invested capital, accounting for the early start of the company’s equity raising behavior. This is my objection:

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