Today the new three board layered system on the implementation of the not on here are some small su

today (June 27th), the official implementation of the new three board market layered system. In fact, in May 27th this year, after the fall of the hierarchical policy, the new three board market performance in general, especially the market index has been low innovation.


on Friday (June 24th) evening, the stock transfer system announced the official list of three new board innovation layer, 953 companies in the column, compared with the results of the initial screening of the 920 in June 18th, a slight adjustment.

6 companies have been adjusted out of the list, the reasons are different: voluntary waiver, administrative supervision, was reported:

the Xinjiang torch gas Limited by Share Ltd, Xiamen urban landscape construction Limited by Share Ltd, soca Genesis Jiuding investment management group Limited by Share Ltd and other 3 listed company for voluntary abandon into innovation. According to the provisions of the hierarchical management approach, the above 3 listed company to adjust the list of innovative listed company.

lianxun securities Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd by China Kaiyuan securities commission agency to take administrative regulatory measures, according to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", the adjustment will be a innovation listed company list.

Beijing search network technology Limited by Share Ltd because of the company’s customers and investors report reflects the existence of corporate governance is not perfect, internal control and other non-compliance issues, according to the provisions of the "hierarchical management approach", the adjustment will be a innovation listed company list.

had analysts believe that once the enterprise enters into the innovation, the probability of voluntary surrender will be relatively low, but Jiuding group exit, possibly due to its business model adjustment and regulators failed to reach an agreement. Jiuding exit also means that private institutions will not enter the first layer of innovation.

another 39 companies added to the list.

to look back, from the changing capital market, in fact, from the stratification system of signs to the policy landing, whether or not the innovation problem has become the problem a lot of entrepreneurs.

recently held a private tiger sniffing salon, a good faith to discuss various problems of three new board layers, do not make a analysis on the tall (and I don’t know), to pick out some views to share, for entrepreneurs.

layered will not immediately improve the new three board liquidity problems

to tell the truth, the new board layer let many people still slightly pessimistic, this is due to the liquidity problems of long criticized, in the subsequent institutions do not earn money, nobody will also play, liquidity will be getting worse.

some people say that the new three board really want to improve liquidity is a matter of minutes, in the innovation layer to reduce the threshold to 2 million or 1 million, liquidity improved immediately. But this is the most reluctant regulators, because:

in China’s capital market, A shares of the main board and gem is 80% retail, 2>

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