When the venture into the occupation which is the best result of each one takes what he needs

Abstract: the entrepreneurial heat reaches a peak, then cooling is normal. Because the best is not the best, but the best is the ending. Don’t ever think we can run away, every step of our life is the end of our journey.

entrepreneurship is a way of life, which is the same as eating, sleeping, playing games, but a living, if it is a dream that drive, subjective feel all the hard work worth it; if we are to make a living, it is a kind of simple and understandable reasons, helpless.

After all,

is one of the channels to seek social mobility.

"he and Han Han debut time difference of one week, Han Han wrote a novel playing car, and he became a reporter for ten years of ups and downs, now came back, this ten years, what is he waiting for? Join Internet startups……" Shanghai Wujiaochang restaurant, we a table is about Xinjie Jiang — him from "Southern Weekend" green edition left, with a focus on the field of medical and health O2O startup, name card title is "co founder / chief strategy officer, responsible for maintenance of government relations.

Jiang Xinjie is a year out of college entrance essay "the Red Death" of the author, his sentence "especially, people can become fashionable for a time.". Later reporters, he paid attention to health care, food safety, because once a drainage oil report, once again into public view; and the children eat, chat or the most of the health care related topics.

"first I want to do the doctor drops such products, then contact the company, they found the two hospitals empty beds and hospital doctors together through the Internet, to do the operation with large hospital beds nervous to solve the problem on the one hand, on the one hand, patients without waiting in line, by two a hospital resource." He felt that it had market value and social value.

exposure to entrepreneurial companies much, I began to consciously look for Bug: the postoperative nursing care of patients with how to do? Two a hospital equipment is not advanced enough to do? What is your profit model? This is part of a shared economy, look at the car suffered government recently, you will want to own later how avoid


"through the Internet combined resources, does not harm the interests of the government, who will participate in the postoperative management of patients, two hospitals can be carried out within the scope of the operation; while patients are willing to pay higher prices, early surgery, we bring more users to two hospitals (patients), help doctors earn extra money this is the profit point." Chiang answered very sincere.


had a first financial venture program, "lead". When the final, the two car market to do O2O service entrepreneurs stand on the stage of the ultimate PK. The show is very interesting

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