To see the female breast cancer 12 female health network rumors

breast cancer is a more common in women’s disease, there are many remarks about breast cancer, but in fact these remarks in the end there is no scientific basis, today Xiaobian for everyone to do a rumor clean-up, see what is true and what is false, to help you understand this disease breast cancer, female friends can also be on the basis of the disease and prevention.

rumor 1: breast cancer is a genetic disease

The pathogenesis of

breast cancer is still unclear. However, scientists have identified two genes associated with breast cancer: BRCA1 and BRCA2. Of the two genes, the risk of breast cancer was found to be between 40% and 80% of patients with the disease. However, another 20% to 60% of the cases were unable to explain the disease, and there was no clear family history of breast cancer in 80%. So, even if your family without breast cancer history, will not be let down. At the same time, women with a family history should pay more attention to their breasts.

rumor two: using antiperspirant can lead to breast cancer

there is no evidence that the use of antiperspirant or reduction of axillary sweat gland secretion can lead to increased breast cancer incidence. This may be due to a lack of anatomical knowledge, or from the mouth of some unhealthy skeptics.

rumor three: any lump in the breast is breast cancer

More than 80% of benign breast masses were benign by

. However, the discovery of breast lumps should be timely to see a doctor, through ultrasound examination, breast X light film examination and biopsy of tissue when necessary, for further diagnosis. But women have to remember that not every lump is cancer.

rumor four: women under the age of 40 will not get breast cancer

breast cancer risk increases with age, but women of any age group may develop breast cancer. According to the study, breast cancer is also found in women under 25 years of age.

rumor five: breast X light film examination can be found in all breast cancer

breast X light film examination can only detect 85% of breast tumors, it is difficult to detect dense breast tumors. The doctor will usually increase with ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging scans further examination.

rumor six: breast X light film examination will lead to breast cancer spread, and even induce breast cancer


for the past 30 years, more than and 10 studies invariably conclude that breast X ray radiation generated by the minimum, compared with the check to give women the benefits of its side effects can be ignored, will not lead to the spread of breast cancer, but will not cause breast cancer.

rumor seven: wearing a steel bra will get breast cancer

a few years ago it was suggested that wearing a steel bra will lead to obstruction of lymphatic flow, thereby increasing the risk of breast cancer". The study found that the argument is purely misinformation.

rumor eight: milk;

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