Give 10 suggestions to novice website ranking and weight

four: the relevant documents ready to upload


two: the server speed and good stability of

contact detailsMany webmaster in

website registration system is a mandatory measures in our country, the premise is the standard of a website is legitimate, no record number of sites belonging to illegal websites in China, and a real record number to the user query, and the real record number >

domain name is the site the first step, a good record of the old domain name will be higher than the weight of the new domain name under the same circumstances, it is very significant in Shanghai rankings, so there are many people buy site requirements of station X years, included a good, do not think that they are going to buy a lot of sites for sustainable development, in fact, they took a fancy to the domain name site, buy the past and then redefine the keywords for other sites, relying on the advantage of old domain name ranking quickly.

at the bottom of the site or other location are not add website links, this is not desirable, in the network security more and more attention today, contact details are more likely to get the search engine and the user’s trust, here will be the webmaster can contact address, telephone, e-mail service all written, so is a trusted site road.

as a business website, your passport is ready to acquire the weight also upload one way, users will increase the sense of trust in the web documents, and to reduce the rate of jump out, the development trend of the contact details, passport ready is the future network management standard, the search engine has a recognition good.

: a long history, a good domain name

station in Shanghai I love a search number of years has been ranked first, was also a lot of income, but in May this year, the record number of burst was canceled, not only has to change outside the server, in this process the site for debugging reasons, the speed of good and bad, the connection is quite unstable. In a later love Shanghai update keywords ranking fell tenth, and continued until now, so a fast and stable server is extremely important, but if the independent IP site will get more recognition weights love Shanghai.

website ranking what? Many webmasters have been saying the word "weight", but in the actual weight of Shanghai Long Fengzhong is relatively vague, not like "content is king, the chain for emperor" this straightforward and simple, so that the owners know that as long as the release of original high quality content and high quality exchange chain, below I will be through their own in these years do stand experience, tell you what the comprehensive promotion website weight, some things you may understand, but not the operation of the system, this article will let everyone know how to improve the system’s weight, there are also some methods we may not pay attention, also provided here out.


five: the true record number

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