The sky will not fall we why not for the original and crazy

Objective: we all have that day and all kinds of links every day, collecting content from other sites every day to gawk at the website data every day, imagine my website like XXX website, every day looking forward to a few years later given my website how how, not so much to Lin but, never fall down from the sky. "We should" step to execute our plan, if you really want to get rid of the "should be" that is: we should carry out our plan on the top.

began to promote and enrich the content of the web site is a difficult journey, I believe (I do not believe that every webmaster) life is the beginning of time, did not know the beginning of pseudo original, know the acquisition to acquisition, also bought acquisition software, the result is a collection of little later to understand what is called pseudo original, this is new necessary, a way is the most effective, can increase the site included, stick to it, slowly the content of the website is increasingly much, of course this time the number of users is increasing, but not much, look back less, this is because of the weight and the PR value is very low due to contact in pseudo original spare time. The chain for the emperor’s concept, then find on the website link exchange, blind looking, no demands, generosity, as long as I will do it, of course, this is the beginning of the concept, (because of lack of knowledge is so ignorant) there is a link exchange with my friends reminded me of those snapshots not new, different industry links do not add, patient, but I want to say, for a railway station if not, add these links, how can improve the chain site. (key: patient, patient) to link is so. Listen to this word, in front of the clouds like some missing. Then contact is a blog and the release of classified information, the blog from the beginning of 5 to the current 20, classified information website, but also from the original 2 to 12 now, a week for a day time to release this information, actually doing it a few.

I am a little webmaster, creating a web site before all don’t know what the fuck is the DZ forum program (when it comes to my website below), but do not know what to talk about the construction of the building, behind. Betteredbattered groping for help in the fight against love Shanghai, help A5, really gave me a lot of help, now the site of the template is modeled on the A5, but looks a little different. See the video at that time from falling in love with the sea, learn to build websites, but also the most depressed, because the boys want to go up from time to time, want to go to the entertainment world of Warcraft, and so, at the beginning of the depression are able to understand. Slowly to find a video of the rhythm, the website also gradually reveals the shape, spend the time in a week, when the website construction, there will be a variety of problems, the first is your site without any special features, it will have to find characteristics, to find a good template for others with less templates. As long as the intention to always find their own.

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