We are selling Shanghai Dragon technology or Shanghai dragon service

we used to say Shanghai dragon is a kind of technology, now it seems more like a service, how to make better use of Shanghai Dragon technology to make money, so this is our Shanghai dragon personnel and optimize the company must consider the problem. Here are some of Liang Lei’s view, do not like do not spray:

met with some mistaken Shanghai Longfeng cost is very low, even feel free consulting services, you must want to do Shanghai dragon is not so simple and he explained, and not every casual hair outside the chain, copy and paste a few articles on OK. In the eyes of customers and our price Shanghai dragon "

: first we are selling technology or service

said the Shanghai dragon is an advanced technology, a lot of people do not understand, in fact, most of the staff of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon sciolistic, especially for the enterprise stand optimization keywords friends, a little competition, a novice just do Shanghai dragon can do the first page within 1-2 months, a a few years old Shanghai dragon also needs 1-2 months. But customers don’t need to know what is within the chain, what is outside the chain, to the customer service, is to see the effect, like you buy a computer, some people love the brand, some people focus on practical, cost-effective. So is the Shanghai dragon service, and this is a different customer exchange students, you need to understand the customer’s idea, some customers are more optimistic about the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon trust. This can make your service in the Shanghai dragon intangible value.

Hello, I’m Liang Lei, Shanghai, is still a relatively hot industry, there are often some new advice now I learn how to tell the Shanghai dragon, Tao Tao, Shanghai dragon now is not how. Of course, this is my personal feeling, not what, but the first thing to tell the truth to people who want to learn the new Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and not as you imagined, don’t put the Shanghai dragon as a "white-collar occupation", Shanghai dragon is actually very tired of living. As a personal webmaster friends are very clear, as far as Liang Lei knew: now the tier three line of Shanghai Longfeng staff wages is not high, ordinary staff in Shanghai dragon network company usually need to optimize the number of sites, the Commission is not high, because the enterprise stand optimization has become a low end of the Shanghai dragon service, can not earn how much money, and now the network of individual orders is a common phenomenon. So we are beginning to worry about: what can Shanghai Longfeng do


Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious technology in the past few years, and the future of Shanghai dragon will be common cognition, Shanghai Longfeng cost has been improved from the past simply rely on the chain resources can get good rankings, up to now the chain has not only on the line, the enterprise also need to stand high quality content and improve the user experience, which means that the enterprise to raise the cost of station optimization. But with the expansion of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, and business owners wrong understanding of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng prices are more and more Chinese cabbage.

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