With hundreds of words about the big update after how we as a warning for the future

to improve their service quality, I believe that love is a series of means in order to monopolize Shanghai. And love Shanghai as Chinese search engine industry leader, its attitude often determines the future development of the degree of difficulty, like Taobao in 2011, although many businesses protest Taobao’s selfish behavior, but Ma is in accordance with their own ideas, because too much compromise will only make their future development lack of confidence. But we want to see is that love Shanghai as a new product of only 10 years, despite the rapid development, but not yet mature. In the first two days of Shanghai Webmaster Platform announced that the site syntax has returned to normal, while increasing the new entrance site can injure complaints, complaints. Love Shanghai will regularly publish complaints on the part of the site of injury and dynamic feedback on the platform. Love Shanghai also know they may misjudgment, so don’t complain compromised website >

is one of the Internet market, we love Shanghai and every webmaster, only business

love Shanghai will not easily compromise, its purpose is to contain the opponent, monopoly

also love Shanghai to make money, to raise his twenty thousand employees. Which is the same as our webmaster, need is the profit and business cooperation. In other words, love Shanghai if you want to make money, it is necessary to improve their service quality, so as to dump a stepping stone to love Shanghai reform. And now China search engine industry is love Shanghai alone big, but recently 360 threatened to develop its own search engine, Google will exit China market, but there are still some stable users, in the upcoming third generation search engines and so on, the performance of the opponent began to love Shanghai uneasy, so this time love Shanghai will sit still? Obviously not. Maybe this K event is just a start, love Shanghai will have more action, but the ultimate goal is to dominate the search market, crowding out competitors, according to this, our website is K, the first thing to do is to calm down.

It is

6.28 love Shanghai big update for many webmaster is hit by a stick, but not too long, the 7.18 big update again qiaoranerzhi. But after a painful experience, the webmaster of reaction is no longer so strong, of course we are not on their own websites just numb indifferent and helpless. Shanghai love subject to changing moods really let me Speechless, honestly I was a law-abiding webmaster, web content can not be said that all is their own hands to fight, but also to ensure the 90 is, so to love Shanghai or not miss me, I really sad. To tell the truth I really want someone else’s little ad auction out at that time. But in the end still hold, because I found a lot of victims than my serious webmaster don’t do immoral things, but rather than complaining, analyze the causes of Shanghai love as their own practices, these days have been watching the white A5, saw many webmaster wrote, according to these friends is summarized in this paper. A lot of ideas, in this share to everyone.

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