Love Shanghai itself to improve the user experience

, a Shanghai love drop-down box

recently, if you love Shanghai login account into the new interface, you will find love Shanghai add love Shanghai can listen and real-time hotspot, this approach can usually see love Shanghai in order to integrate their resources, increase the number of users. Chinese users are symmetrical beauty, then look at this interface as a lame limped very sick. But in the top right of the page is returned to the old version, users can switch between the old and new version.

can be seen directly in Shanghai now love the search box enter a URL, if the search engines do not search, it will prompt you to submit your URL to the search engine, this is also the practice but also greatly improve the user experience, users do not have another entrance to submit, this is the love of Shanghai in order to increase the usage of their functions.

out of the map can be input, "Shenzhen network" in Shanghai love the search box, he will automatically appear the words "Shenzhen site construction", and the font is eggplant color, very eye-catching, love Shanghai to do so can be said to be in order to save the user input text search index of time, for example is Sogou input method, if the input is often a word, without spelling it can also be found, which is convenient for a user.

note here is that this is a user login account to love Shanghai, if not logged in, the words most frequently searched so it will not appear in the top. Here we Riquan Pang throws a question, the search results will make different ranking according to the user’s click habits? I was testing in June, love Shanghai will be based on the user’s clicking habits and different search rankings, even if you do not love Shanghai login account, search engine will be different the ranking is based on cookies, unless you remove cookies, the search results will restore.

can see a weather forecast on the home page top left, click on the go is a call to a web site data. Before listening to a friend said, if you can do the advertisement in Shanghai love home above, how much money.

three, Shanghai love home interface


as everyone knows, love Shanghai and the recent adjustment of foreign propaganda algorithm is to improve the user experience. Love Shanghai demanding webmaster want to stand in the user’s point of view on the operation of the site, not only in order to cater to the search engine optimization website. Many people suspect that love Shanghai secretly secretly say a set, do a set of. In fact, I don’t think so, from the recent changes in love in Shanghai, are based on the integration of resources and improve the user experience for the purpose, you can see the sea really fall in love with the value of the user experience.





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