How to reduce the site repeatability through reasonable means

3, write a far more effective than to write a paper copy and paste, no one will advance to copy, there will be no more people ahead of imitation, this article is the original article, and this article is to give more love to grab Shanghai website friendship, this also directly improve the website of innovation reduce the repetition of the website.

what can be copied, but in the minds of thinking is not able to imitate and copy, as a webmaster should also have rich content to build thinking, for the love of spiders in Shanghai, they love the site’s actual content, I think the webmaster can spend some effort at this point, the following I’m going to talk about my views:

third, to modify the templateEach

Part of the function of

high repetition search engine will be mistaken for copying or imitation, from the beginning of June this year, Shanghai love search engine has increased regulation of the site, which led to a lot of the site is down right or be K, search engine official advocate is to improve the user experience, against plagiarism and pseudo original. From the analysis of many K sites, many sites are as a result of the acquisition of too much content and pseudo original content caused, then we can get lower repeatability is the key to optimize the website, and how to reduce the site’s repeatability? This is today’s focus: through reasonable tactics to reduce the repetition of the website.

webmaster add autograph

2, add the content will not be too small, 1, 200 words can also be called content? This is not sent a beggar, but not on the site.

templates are countless webmaster in use, if you do not change it is plagiarism, so when we use the template must not forget the repair.

we can’t deny that in the construction site will encounter many of the same content, such as design, site navigation column design, but we can also add some more different content, comments and messages in the eyes of many owners are in the edge position, but the effect of the two column is very good. We estimate all in Taobao bought something, we will look at the buyers comments at the time of purchase, and comments and message in a web site with buyers comments almost, do these two elements will play a bigger role for the website to retain users. When we add comments and messages of different sites is equivalent to the site adds different content, love Shanghai in the search engine spiders crawl the site will find a bright spot: this website is very different from other sites, so do not ask enough to reduce the repetition of


second, the

1, add the title of the article must be in love Shanghai search engine, Google search engine to search, it is best not to appear the title which is as like as two peas, or repeat.

, the first to add a comment and message page

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