Lu Guofu website optimization domain name article how to choose the domain name

you know, before we make a website, must first choose a domain name, a good domain name can play a multiplier effect, on the impact of domain name on the website of the Internet, 00 pieces of many articles, we can understand this by examples. So what kind of domain name can be regarded as a good domain name

on the website of the domain name, the domain name is generally short easy to remember the user, you can find many 5 pure digital domain name is registered to now, Shuangpin domain name, also has not much good record domain, is now used in many is English + Digital so, it is quite easy to remember, as a webmaster, there should be no people do not know this hao123 site, the domain name is the use of letters + numbers, very easy to remember, easy to remember domain name is can save the cost of our promotion. And in the same industry, a good record of domain name is more advantage.

three domain name suffix

four registered well-known site

domain name suffix is a factor to be considered, because most of our search habits is at the end of the贵族宝贝, so when we registered the domain name to贵族宝贝 domain name, because we serve the user, then everything should start from the user, here I suggest you, if your company has the case in the time domain name registration is best to other suffixes for registration, that is to say not to take advantage of the opportunity, if your competitors in other suffixes to do stand, is a great impact on the site.

when we register the domain name, can consider the industry related words fusion to the domain, so that users see this domain can easily know this website is what we are doing, such as the Shanghai dragon, you will find many webmaster choice of domain name is xx+ Shanghai dragon, so that users see this domain name is easy to see the site in the industry.

we are in the process of doing web site optimization, there are many places are need to pay attention to, in the coming days, Wuhan Shanghai dragon according to their predecessors and keenly aware of the guidance, will continue and we exchange share site optimization need to pay attention to the details of the problem, please continue to focus Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog. Here is the website optimization domain name article.

in the third points mentioned, when we registered the domain name must all suffixes to register a domain name, I found here, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there should be some people is not heard of Shanghai dragon WHY, after all, this is Shanghai dragon the boss, whether it is love or Shanghai, Google.

other suffixesThis is my

a short domain name, easy to remember

two select industry related domain name


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