Shanghai dragon will be back again to God


a small "Caomin" Wei Zexi love Shanghai stock prices declined 1/4, this lesson is painful, but the network information office punishment for love Shanghai is unprecedented, apply a netizen’s words: "Red Net live to eat bananas, don’t bring temptation posture……" After 2008, PPC once again went to the sharp wind and high waves, even has the possibility to cancel, of course, love as the profit model of Shanghai rising star no PPC love Shanghai, like a broken arm of the people, in the monopoly of BAT, means a big fall, this time, suddenly thinking about if the white PPC was canceled, what will happen?

! !Shanghai dragon

optimization, that is the search engine optimization, love Shanghai auction aims to make a key enterprise directly pay by means of the home page, and Shanghai dragon optimization objective is through technical means on their website home page. One is to pay, the other one is free, think of this system, which will be more popular, do a lot of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng law-abiding small website, love Shanghai a revision of rules is very easy to reach the doomed eternally in hell rather baffling disappeared in the search engine, such things is not uncommon, asked the relevant people to "illegal" reply, which illegal, let oneself slowly small webmaster guess! Because, who did not dare to take my chest and said, in the optimization process without pressure over the Yellow line……

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comes to Shanghai dragon, so many people excited, let countless people heartache, for access to the Internet just for the stationmaster, who had loved and hated, Shanghai dragon brings too many stories to the webmaster


, no charge, we can stand on the starting line of fair competition, the majority of the website, is definitely a good news, then, gradually disappeared in the public eye of the Shanghai dragon optimization was again excavated, however, compared to those who veteran grassroots webmaster, Shanghai dragon optimization of complex feelings, it is difficult to use a word to describe

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