Several factors should pay attention to the writing site title

we should understand is that a keyword if we want to make it up, we must be divided into two steps, the first key step is to search the factors we have Pastebin requirements for the initial ranking, we call the impetus for ranking the we call a force to maintain stability, so early in the website ranking, we should do it impetus.

if other factors of your competitors and you are the same, but the title better than you, then it will be faster than you, so, the title is written to meet the initial driving force, and the search engines display title is 32 characters, so we try not to write too many keywords otherwise, one can not do it, too many keywords, will lead to decentralization, decentralization is not conducive to the content of the competition, we should have two aspects to understand, is a title containing a large number of keywords, dispersion, two is the title and content you do not match, which led to the dilute the value of content. This is the relationship between title and content, so the key words put less and more favorable for the website ranking.

in the pre title not only for keywords ranking a driving force, and later on the site and the maintenance of force, this is why? We know now, click on the principle of love Shanghai, is designed according to the experience of the user to the user, click on the more the better you will be ranked, so the title of the the user experience is also very important, if your title design is not good, then affect the stability keywords ranking, is more critical now users, it is because of the increasingly high demand of the user, for some segments of the things they are increasingly high requirements, and as the Shanghai Dragon er we play, is a suction flow, guide the user to find what he wants, but if the title of your design out of order, it will affect the use The user clicks.

when we choose a good domain name, space, procedures, it is necessary to determine the good title, the title has a direct role in the ranking of words, the title of the method must have matching degree and correlation, the title has a great impact on the ranking of words, so for the title, we must each a factor into consideration.

are the main factors affecting the user, the two aspects of the first, the first time > User

many people will love behind their own brand words on the site title, in fact, this idea is wrong, and many people write the title is how, selected keywords are also very much, selection too much will reduce the site’s weight, if the words you write more, unless you are in this industry a comparison of the popular industry competition, not what people tell you, or compete with you are some pages, then your keywords ranking will soon. But if you in this industry form the competition, wrote too many keywords title is basically not what competitive.

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