Search engine optimization strategy two the importance and wording of web page tag

            search engine optimization strategy in the previous article "(a): screening and restructuring" keywords we preferred keywords are discussed in detail and reorganization, selected the development of high quality keywords for website localization. In this chapter we mainly analyze the importance of "following the above article and writing META tags in the web page".
            1: META tag
            META on the label as the head of the US is not strange, it is a kind of special subject is embedded in the page in the sign. Contains a special description of the hidden information page, mainly reflect your website to the search engine on which aspect. So, in the search engine optimization ranking in the META tag is very important, it is also an excellent website indispensable. The META tags are: description tag (on the content of the page description), keywords tags (page keywords), title tag (the title of the site, strictly speaking is not the label) to a detailed analysis of the following contents.
            two: META
  />            1, TITLE
  tag;           TITLE is a label the most important label in the web page, written before keywords and description, this is also more conducive to the site’s ranking. Whether a web page or the entire site, it is the user or search engine first to see, so clear and concise and can reflect the essence of the described as preferred. For example "stationmaster net" a see and then know is a type of website webmaster.
            2, description tag

            following a description of the most important TITLE tags, the best writing is followed with a tag tag after TITLE. It is a paragraph, can also be a word. At the same time, many search engines allow the description of 150 words or so, so make sure you >

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