The name of the company there is no need for promotion of Shanghai


small companies with their own name to search results, see the name of his company by other companies as keywords do pay promotion. You can see from the chart, which ranked third position matching, through the phrase imagine, if several such phrases, words, that our company will be the top of a screen, so that visitors in Hongkong search room is likely to Kwai Fong, and real Hongkong Kwai Fong room pass.

So the

, of course, some friends will say, your company name will be peer as keywords to promote, after the establishment of a brand effect is in their own company business, and they do so is disguised to our brand promotion. In fact, whether we are doing Shanghai dragon, or for promotion. The purpose is not the direct transaction, but the drainage, to attract traffic to our own website. The content of the site itself and layout, is to consult or is the real transaction tools. If visitors do not enter your website, that your brand again good also are false.

love Shanghai for promotion, compared to the traditional Shanghai dragon, it can bring to the site more accurate flow. Of course, for this flow, we must pay a price in terms of money. But for some sales website, the price is inevitable, can not be avoided. Even if a keyword, you will do it naturally ranked first with their Shanghai Dragon technology, then you must also do the bidding. Or in front of 8 positions for promotion is enough to make you suffering oppression.


for these keywords, even if natural rankings do no good, also not for promotion. However, there is a very special case of words, it can be said that each company has such a special case, that is your company name. Where to their website did a bit of Shanghai dragon, the search for their own company name, basically will be in the first row (natural ranking). The word for a special case of this, in the end there is no need for promotion? This is Xiaobian extremely tangled, the first bar:

The company name

want to do for promotion? Xiaobian also did a test, his company name into words, from the lowest price slowly add. Only 3 times, and 3 times the increase is very small, you can get a good key.

As everyone knows

small company is engaged in renting and hosting server in Hongkong, the situation is really helpless ah! Pull no more, there are pictures and the truth.

"Hongkong server hire" the word is one of the core words to us, is our website conversion of a word the highest. Although this is the first natural ranking keywords, but if not for promotion, that brought by the word of the Advisory Council (80% drop small series have been tested).

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