The original content of the search engine more reasonable layout of love


two, chain structure:

well, today so much not wordy, if >

3: the first words appear in bold give treatment, remind

theme: the same is selling the book stall

although the above two points are done, but we also lack is illustrated, a pure layout of the article is not enough, and the user experience is more high, why the news station weight so high? Because they paid editor, and we only have a little hard, remember, a piece of paper if the text metaphor is the "King" is the "King", then the picture is illustrated with high quality original article said, although it may do so generally stick down long, but if you persist, the harvest is not only money on the benefits, the more you learn to network is the most basic text arranges

, for example:

B: the book designer put a burden from direct to the I, messy.


! !

A: the layout is neat, neat

: don’t accumulate within the chain keywords


, !Summary: The author explains: the

2: do not all within the chain to

you don’t, because I’m on the example you begin to write clear layout, I haven’t finished later, a reasonable layout is important, but the anchor text chain is more important, I believe we have studied the love Shanghai encyclopedia, although love Shanghai weight their products will be higher. But I want to say is, you also need to use the same method, it is not love Shanghai single conclusion, but the entire Shanghai dragon circles clearly understand the inner chain

spider!Tu Vin Unionmaw:

spider is equivalent to a buyer, he will be good and bad points, so if the example, spiders will certainly choose clean and tidy A. Of course, the spider will also visit B type, so if A and B belong to the same type of website, so B I can only say that you suffer eat, work hard to be successful!


I haven’t written anything for a long time, today about search engine optimization original content standard layout, if Laoniao please bypass, the author wrote this just to do something new for reference, to avoid the detours, wrong way, this is my intention, a lot of people know the content of the original love Shanghai love, yes! Love is really love Shanghai, love the key to see how high!

so if you, you will choose what kind of choice to buy books? Don’t think, will go to A stand, don’t ask me why, because if you do not even have to understand, or abandon it!

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