Why do some sites do not set the keywords ranking is very good

for the current search engine, will automatically recognize and judge the core content according to the website of all content, keyword extraction. Noble baby very early on reducing the role of keywords, circulating in the industry has not put the nobility baby keywords as the keyword ranking factors, so some webmaster do baby is not a noble. A keyword in the following Google webmaster tools inside the noble baby it will divide the index, all content on your site keywords, and lists the degrees of importance. I think we all used in Webmaster tools, keyword thesaurus there will be a large number of non keyword ranking, this is the search engine automatically according to the content of the web site.


more than two words and not in the setting of keywords, just appeared in the title, it can be seen that the importance of the site optimization ranking title, to rank well, must set up a high quality website title.

An example of

, the two key words

want to. Key words: that, when the key words on the website optimization ranking but arrogant, the role of big go, search engine keywords give high weight. Can say, what you write the content keywords, the search engine will think.

‘s search engine, version 1 from the beginning of the escalation, after more than ten years of continuous updates and algorithm changes, can now automatically identify keywords can be found in many related things, becoming more and more intelligent. From the beginning only through the website keyword recognition, now and then to the importance of the key word has been greatly reduced the search engine, can only be used as an auxiliary.

example: Fung has a section called " the construction of the chain, " home key does not set the word, but in the rankings. Because all the construction of the chain in the column is on the chain, so the search engine keyword automatic recognition is the construction of the chain".


, a first talk about the search engine technology

friends often asked, why do some sites do not set keywords, ranking is also very good, this is why? Like most went to Lu Songsong Shanghai Longfeng blog and blog page keywords moonlight didn’t see a set of keywords to write only a /. Why didn’t they set the keywords ranking is so good? The weight is too high? Keywords is not very important, they do not set the

two: you can search "Shanghai dragon optimization technology of the key words, my home is not set the key words, but the words are in the rankings, because my website title contains these four words, because the content of the website is basically about" Shanghai dragon optimization ", so the search engine automatic identification of out.

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