The new station beyond the old station need innovation

we will try to the competitors who work hard, we can not only at the back of their ass run, have the ability to predict and forecast in this industry, others do not think you can do it, and to do well, from the optimization point of view, love Shanghai all is equal to almost all sites, excluding those sites, our value is provided in the lottery website system 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ site’s answer is not to love Shanghai, is not the needs of users. The only way you will be loved by Shanghai trust website.

we should not love around the Shanghai ranking, to the user experience in the first place, as long as the customer is caught, you also worry about ranking does not go on? Of course is the effective method we must esteem, the core needs of customers is the key factor in our ranking. Is the purpose of optimization, this is also a departure from the origin, the final meaning of things. Do these things, I won the lottery website system to enhance the new ranking is also very easy.

This disadvantage is not your

a new web site to an already mature, and many competitors under the condition of good ranking, this is a very difficult thing. This requires us to do with innovative methods, we firmly can not imitate them, imitation will they win back their money, how can you compare it to them and others, accumulation of things are you without you now had no advantage at all.

dare to be the first person to eat crabs, the reverse thinking is the same, I do not dare to dare to do things, so as to get a value. Enable customers to get good experience, won the customer is the most successful local optimization. From the point of view of customer experience, is the site development in the long run. This is some of my own views, I hope to help you, hope we can learn together and progress together.

someone I don’t go deep, and no one else I will do the best, others I do and it is not the same, it is also need to have the characteristics of the company’s strong support, because it does not have is free, as long as it is done in this two, I believe that this is definitely a good counter attack, enhance the lottery website system website ranking will also make ripe.

1:30 can change, want more than competitors to find it is not good, and we had a little advantage where it can overtake. I like to do such new lottery website system, rival text tutorials have great advantages, but we are good at video recording, we all know that this is the video more intuitive than words, as long as the user chooses you, search engine will also choose you, this is a benign cycle of process.

How can we do this

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