Depth analysis local real estate network to explore the way in the promotion of

exploration of the road

operation of the local real estate site friends, will encounter many problems, especially some problems in the promotion of early, in the face of strong competitors, evaluate the promotion effect of blocked face, finally we how to choose their own local website promotion operation, I recently in the operation of a local real estate network, some the promotion of things with friends and share experiences in these 2 months.

2: we then contacted the newspaper, television, media, you must know the local newspapers and television ads are basically related to real estate, this also let others for us to refuse to, we are giving money to others, others do not, the reason we’re on their market, and they accounted for compete, because we are also in the media, after advertising for those real estate.


in the face of these local media on our website, in the face of ban appears valuable but not the user situation, facing the embarrassing situation is not afraid of deep alley, our team in thinking, all the way how to go. We will pay attention to Shanghai in the early stage of the dragon, with the increase of our original content, there are some relevant keywords on the fluctuation, from several IP to dozens of IP we see hope, that our efforts are not in vain, in the face of the local media industry to block this fragile property, we find a suitable for their own the promotion of the road, with the continuous improvement of our website content, there is now some stable IP, but this is our 2 month results, these 2 months is too short, but it is too long, do local station colleagues you have also encountered local websites not let you advertise the phenomenon of blocking.

1: our team at the early stage of data collection is completed, the second stage to consider is how the website promotion problem, sell themselves has been previously considered that today’s era only good publicity to let others know, our team after thinking and determine how to strategy, local web site the crowd is local, we think in the local well-known forum advertising, we think is good, but people don’t do our advertising, we made a series of ban, but the road there doesn’t work.

On the road to

after these things, I gradually understand that others is to kill you in the cradle, you must work hard to live, entrepreneurs want a living attitude, for our Shanghai dragon team is constantly enrich the original content, for the Shanghai dragon buried pen v. We are also exploring the operation of real estate network encountered difficulties we have to face in the strong, but I also believe that a good product must have a good way of promotion, we have such a platform will let others rejected the attitude, but we have to find their own website.


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