How to choose the twelve standard website optimization service company

(2) reputation forever is an important criterion of good or bad people or things, never choose site optimization services where you can get some recommendations from friends and business partners, because their experience must be false.

technology for the network is not fine or even very strange business, if you want to optimize your web site, the best choice of website optimization services company strength on behalf of the service, because of the lack of skills and experience you whether you spend much time and energy to optimize the site but will find the rankings are not always satisfactory. At this time, you can only help to optimize service company website. How to find a suitable for your Shanghai Longfeng service company? The following twelve standards for reference.

(5) site optimization service company good will have many successful case to follow, can through the investigation of their case to make a choice. If the company refused to provide you with their case, it may be in order to protect the privacy of customers, on the other hand there may be because there is no case, this is we need to make a clear judgment.

(6) a own site optimization ranking don’t do a good company, imagine and do a good job of others to provide reliable service. So in the choice of the best look at their website PR value, if your website PR value they even are not up to more than 4, then you will not have to consider them completely for your service.

(3) to buy things we often say to ask for goods three, website optimization services too, we need to have a contrast. This contrast information come from? Now the network so developed, smart people must know how to do! Forum, or know a few love Shanghai. You don’t have a good channel to find a good company, can be carried out completely by the way of screening through the forum message. Of course, not all of the message is true, need to comprehensive analysis.

(1) if the selected web site optimization services company vowed to promise you that can make your site ranked first, then you have to wonder about their credibility. Because in Google optimization, no one can guarantee that it can continue to do the ranking first. To make such a commitment by the company is definitely eager to Nathan and irresponsible raving.

(4) make full use of the search engine. Regardless of the choice of the company is good or bad, love in Shanghai or Google search inside the company name and related information. If the company does a good reputation, to cut large positive information online as everyone knows, so the company will be a lot of, instead you can search to the negative information on the internet.

(7) on the other hand is the key. As a site optimization services company, if their own site keywords ranking have a good ranking, as can be imagined their level of good to go.

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