Analysis of the website included several reasons for the decline

how can we stop? If it is to make the product, then we put every content page to make a precise description of the picture. If too much content see Italy made the text on the picture to reduce page similarity. If the content is too little we can do like this:

2, text, will lead to the high similarity, what will cause high similarity? Do you like products, the process is not enough to buy the most are the same, and the copyright, but also a cause of high similarity.

three, the website of Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization cheating

Shanghai dragon

1, the content of the text less similarity will be higher, the higher the similarity degree of the site to drop right is more serious. The main products in the website, why, because most is the product of the picture, the text is too little.

update frequency too fast it will.

to the Internet to find the product for the content and then select the content, the content of our own pseudo original ", if you are having sex in Shanghai, you can go to find the contents of nobility baby and then put these content node to marry. If you are a product class see meaning you add comments. Comments you can go to Taobao to find Ali, in order to reduce page similarity.

, a web content high similarity

web page is similar to that of the high repetition. What is called similar repetition? Similar repetition is actually a large collection of Nian posted over the copy, resulting in a large number of repetitive content


3, the content of the website is collected, content source. If you collect the contents with the contents of the Internet and the high similarity of the weight of your site is not high, so love Shanghai will delete you, the solution is to modify the contents of (1), all your collection of content changes, but the manual is very large, so from the beginning we do a the website of health is very important. (2) modify the page is not included in the title of the page changes.

four, because the update frequency is too fast.

Too many repeated text

site excessive optimization or cheating, some owners in order to pursue fast reach ranking cheating, this is absolutely not desirable; keywords accumulation, hidden text connection, hang black links. Hang black chain in the short term is still effective, if love Shanghai identified K station will lead to danger, now the search engine is more and more attention to the user experience, and now we are when the site optimization must pay attention to the user experience, not to use black hat techniques to deceive search engines, to long standing, must just step by step

two, Links there is K or drop right phenomenon, is the first choice of Links, we must develop a habit of constantly checking their Links to understand the situation, if there is K drop right site we should immediately go down, to avoid their own websites implicated,

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