How do the six methods Links exchange

Links is a good construction site outside the chain, its role had said, one is to improve the site traffic, give the site more exposure on the Internet, the two is the construction of the chain.

how to determine which pages of the highest weight? The Shanghai dragon Moz tools on this tool can be viewed here, do not understand or are not familiar with friends can see me on the introduction of Shanghai dragon Moz tool post.

five, how to find Links object. A good place is on the QQ group, >

four, friends of the chain in the anchor text writing. A chain exchange not only write the same anchor text. The anchor text is a large proportion of the search engine algorithm, Links anchor text anchor text of a web site in all is a word that is easy to search engine punishment. If there are multiple target words better, if not, suggest some other similar words and target words in low weight website.

, two links in quality. To judge the quality of a web site, to the various aspects of the situation, it includes: the other site is normal; ranking of each website keyword; each website PR value and love Shanghai weight; time domain name registration to other sites, the domain name weight usually the older is higher; the other web site update frequency; other site snapshot; the number of links to other websites from other websites; Alexa index; whether the gov and edu domain and so on.

, a judge of the website. This is the exchange links when the first thing to do is the most intuitive thing. If a site of Shanghai Longfeng chain to a delicacy website, then cast weight must be low, a chef said your car technology is very high, and certainly not a teacher said your car repair technology is very high, do Links too. The people of Shanghai love and delicacy dragon little interest, over the flow will be greatly reduced. So the correlation of Links theme website construction is very important.

webmaster strictly according to the following six points, the construction of Links is almost perfect.

Links seems simple, in fact if when dealing with Links too casual, will also have a negative impact on their website. What’s the best results of Links? How to find the most suitable Links


three, link position. Many webmaster love links on the other side of the page, but with the search engine technology, Links home position weight has been greatly reduced, also reduced also include the footer, side bar, because the search engine has been judged in this position on the value chain. The most important position in what kind of body?! in the body of the position is the most significant voting link position. If the other side of the home page of the top of the article or page has fixed articles, news, and other posts, may wish to link to this position. Of course, it must seek the consent of the other party.

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