Don’t optimize to optimize according to the actual

two: with the industry website, do some comparison. This, for the optimization of personnel, is the key point. In the early stages of the site, look at the web site, be able to effectively understand. If you can understand that this type of search engine website, which has the corresponding provisions. By what way, to achieve the effect in a certain period of time;

: according to the website associated with the audience. The purpose of the site optimization, is to be able to have visitors to browse. Then, to achieve a certain effect. That is currently recommended, the user experience, is able to meet their needs. This is now the search engine is a thorough investigation of the audit site, whether one of the weight factors, improve the keywords of ascension;

site due to excessive optimization, and by the search engine punishment. This is a common phenomenon, mostly in the early stage of website optimization. The optimization method of website optimization personnel use, too in a cheating, search engine is not permitted. Thus, excessive application of some optimization techniques, can achieve the corresponding effect. Instead, be punished. Therefore, need to optimize moderately, effectively combined to the actual. Optimization of the way of thinking from the following aspects into consideration, has certain guiding function.

visible, website optimization program is not only from the unilateral corresponding consideration, but requires a combination of multiple elements. This optimization scheme is made, in order to achieve a qualitative effect. The effect is realized, and in accordance with the rules of search engine. This is a good sign of good website development cycle, conducive to long-term development of. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

: want to combine with the positioning of the site. What type of website, to use appropriate methods. Thus, it can achieve a certain effect. As the collection industry website, professional. Therefore, the optimization scheme specified, should give full consideration to this point, the overall layout of the site and to have strict control. If the site has a collection of professional categories, to a certain extent;

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