Analysis of the same page within the site why has more than two times ranking


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according to the human eye, there are two main forum Links, one is ****贵族宝贝/bbs and ****贵族宝贝/bbs/, people should be careful to look out at the back, more of a /". The link is like the page, not what difference. Indeed, two similar web site open in IE is the unity of reality within the page, but the search engine why so obvious to him into a "/", not a "/"? No matter where on the one hand, they are a station. According to the search engine, search engine is not required. At the end of sentiment should pay attention to "/", otherwise it is down right or as cheating, that is to say, this is the search engine on the defect.

page from the web site

webmaster most attention is the home page ranking, in fact, within the page ranking is very important, the website ranking distribution (the home page ranking, the inside pages included incomplete), causing the site to reduce weight, so I would suggest to each build, the home page is optimized at the same time, but also to pay attention to the inside pages optimization.

can be viewed from the forum, the station at the end of one is "/bbs", a "/bbs/" at the end of the station, do the analysis on them, there is such a saying: "/bbs/" is the standard method of collaboration of subdirectories, and "/bbs" is just a link format expression. "" what does that mean? I believe there are a lot of people do not understand very well for him. To give you an example. Aaa贵族宝贝/bbs/bbb/ccc/123.html, the two kinds of preferential interpretation. "

found what he has unusual? You love Shanghai Shanghai dragon forum to try, even to love Shanghai search engine website page two ranking, the weight distribution is quite high, are on the home page, the weight does not appear uneven situation. If any webmaster can be a site so say it is the double harvest. The site, equivalent to two people to do different sites, how exactly this phenomenon happen? First of all from the start of his domain, you look carefully, Shanghai Longfeng forum is for construction within the page, the search engine should give the same page ranking two.

when a user searches for "Shanghai dragon training" in the search box, users first see the industry elite website, now the most concern is the Shanghai dragon forum webmaster. A recent incomprehensible phenomenon, regardless of the user, by which computer search Shanghai dragon forum, a web page should appear two ranking. For people who do not understand the search engine, they must think search engine is a problem, or is this website with what means, let search engine so he broadband. I have to admire this website, admire him a pair of hands, the specific analysis of the reasons of this phenomenon.

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