Four kinds of relationship between the search engine and the Shanghai Dragon

written above, from my personal view, second kinds of relationship between the choice of parasitism, for our study and optimization of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon who is not an exaggeration. We all know that love Shanghai last year from 6.28k station, Scindapsus algorithm, support the original plan and now the pomegranate algorithm update and adjust a series, tell us to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster friends, you must be in accordance with the optimization methods of Shanghai Longfeng formal to do their own website, any opportunistic things will be I recognize, through the algorithm to seckill, if you are the master and Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, search engine must tell you my cards according to the rules, otherwise your site will be severely punished.

Abstract: today we pulled several relations is mainly bullshit; want to talk about the search engine and the Shanghai dragon, this article represents only the personal views do not represent the mainstream views. Remember to contact website from June 2012, began a trial period, after a period of study and in-depth understanding to the Shanghai dragon can make a website ranked higher, by Shanghai dragon in the search engine rankings, and then get traffic. A few months from now, contact Shanghai dragon short will slowly love her, will not consciously learn her to understand the search engine, in which a few months of study, feel very magical, Shanghai dragon is not only because there are a lot of people to learn her every day, but her magical powers can help you better in the search engine to show yourself, now is the relationship between the two.

the first relation: the original cooperation:

cooperation is a search engine and the Shanghai dragon relationship the best interpretation, these days, I’ve been watching "stone interaction" he is a public search engine (Shanghai dragon) site, search engine marketing and technology exchange platform in Shanghai dragon. There are many things to think I was quite useful, published an article from the point of view of them, early search engines and Shanghai dragon has always been to maintain a cooperative relationship; of course, in our opinion this is the search engine, but in other words it is we do need to return to the original Shanghai dragon, because it that is the first search engine and then slowly have Shanghai dragon.

said the search engine and Shanghai dragon is competition, many friends here may have questions? There is competition between our webmaster and search engine? Not always by the search engine to dominate us? But here, from my personal point of view in the search engine and the competition between the Shanghai dragon is so understanding. To make friends in many people in order to short-term profit to the use of black hat Shanghai dragon means, make our website profitable in the short term, which leads to the competition! This is forcing the search engine to come up with a method, algorithm improvement of their continued vulnerability.

The original


third: Competition:

> Fourth relations

: parasitic relationship

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